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Hardware Experiments on nCUBE 2S

  • Following information obtained by running HINT on nCUBE 2S.

  • Different compiler optimizations were tested for a net QUIPS gain.

  • Executed by Don Heller .

  • Click on the appropriate net MQUIPS to view the graph.

  • A graph comparing all results may be view by clicking the percent improvement.

  • Constants: memory fast, page mode memory access on, and cache on.

    Memory Size 4 MB 16 MB
    net MQUIPS 0.41 0.46
    improvement 12.7%

  • Constants: memory size 16 MB, page mode memory access on, cache on.

    Memory Speed slow medium fast
    net MQUIPS 0.36 0.40 0.46
    improvement 9.4% 14.3%
    improvement 25.1%

  • Constants: memory size 16 MB, memory fast & cache on.

    Page Mode Memory Access Off On
    net MQUIPS 0.31 0.46
    improvement 47.8%

  • Constants: memory size 16 MB, memory fast & page mode memory access on.

    Data Cache Off On
    net MQUIPS 0.39 0.46
    improvement 18.5%

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