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User Resources

  • Source Code
  • Using HINT
    • Technology Labs, Inc., is working with Ames Laboratory to enhance HINT to satisfy the needs of a broad base of users. If you are interested in using or learning more about HINT, check the Technology Labs web site: http://www.technologylabs.com.
    • Join the growing HINT community and receive updates of the latest in the HINT world by subscribing to the hint-users mailing list. To join send mail to: hint-users-request@scl.ameslab.gov with the body
        subscribe your_email_address

      This is intended to be a low-traffic means by which we can keep our users updated on the major developments.


  • Experiments
    • The nCUBE/2S was one of the earlier parallel computers, noted for its elegant design. Here are the results of some tests to see how its HINT performance measurements changed with modifications to the hardware (memory access) and software (compiler optimizations). Beyond a simple comparison of two systems, the hardware tests show the cumulative effect of design improvements at the system level.


  • Discussion archive: A collection of old email discussions between the HINT group and various users that provide insight into the HINT philosophy.

Questions or comments? Send mail to hint@scl.ameslab.gov

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